Prayer for Surinam

Almighty God, gracious Lord, You who created the world. We come today before Your majesty with gratitude for bestowing upon us human beings many gifts that should serve us to build unity and peace. Living at different lengths and latitudes, we can discover that you have left no patch of land without goods to serve the people inhabiting the earth.

Even this small piece of the world, the smallest country in South America – Suriname, You have bestowed with numerous gifts of the earth. It is there that you laid the sources of bauxite, gold and oil. It’s where you planted the tropical wilderness, which is also a wealth for the people there. There You have placed many species of animals, in which we can see the richness of the created world and Your power. 

Eternal Lord today we want to ask you for the Church in Suriname, for all the Christians living there. We also entrust to You the rest of the population of this smallest South American country. Protect the people of Suriname from conflict and tension. Let them develop peacefully on the basis of what You have bestowed upon them. Lord, let all who have not yet come to know You find the way to You. The way of salvation, which is found in Your Son, Jesus Christ.