Church authorities

Bishop of the Church

The Bishop (Greek ἐπίσκοπος episkopos: carer, ruler, supervisor). In the Apostolic tradition, the Bishop has to supervise all the People of God. His service is to minister the Word of God and the Sacraments. He also guards the whole Church (episcope), so that God’s Word is proclaimed faithfully and clearly. The Bishop of the Church is the “Pastor of the pastors” (Pastor pastorum). He supports the members and pastors with perseverance, wisdom and the dignity of the office. He ministers both to all the members of the Church in Poland and abroad. He protects the community among the pastors and guards the unity of the Church. He is chosen by the Church Synod and consecrated by putting hands and prayer. His cadence lasts for ten years. Currently, the office of the Bishop of the Church is served by Bishop Jerzy Samiec.

Consistory of the Church

The Consistory is the administrative authority of the Church. It consists of the Bishop of the Church (as the President of the Consistory), Vice-President, three lay members and three pastor members. The aim of the Consistory is to supervise the Dioceses and Parishes, accepting the candidates for the pastor’s office, approving the elections of the pastors and Diocesan Bishops. Its cadency lasts for five years.

Synod Council

The Synod Council consists of five people and directs the Synod. In the time between the sessions of the Synod, it represents the Synod. It consists of the President of the Church Synod (lay person or a pastor), two pastors and two lay persons.

Church Synod

Church Synod is the highest authority of the Church. This is the embodiment of the Church and all the laws. It consists of all the bishops, the Vice-president of the Consistory, thirty representatives of the Diocesan Synods, fifteen pastors and people representing various ministries and Church institutions. Its aim is to protect the clearness of the teaching, and the religious-moral development in the Church, guarding the law and unity of the Church, deciding on the rules of interdenominational cooperation, electing the Bishop, and deciding on the Church Law regulations. Church Synod meets at least twice a year. Its cadency lasts for five years.