Owing to the system of the Lutheran Church, its members have a tangible impact on church life through involvement in the parish, diocesan and general church structures, organizations and societies, as well as counselling ministries among specific social groups. The Church is involved in various ways in pastoral, evangelistic, diaconal, and educational work.

We pay special attention to the following fields: counselling, evangelism, mission, education, and charity. Our actions reach many different groups of society.

The Evangelical Military Chaplaincy (in Polish, Ewangelickie Duszpasterstwo Wojskowe – EDW), which was established in 1919 and provides pastoral care to soldiers and civilian employees of the military and their families, has a long tradition in the church. The EDW is headed by the Chief Military Chaplain.

Lutheran chaplains also work in fire departments and police forces www.kapelanpolicji, as part of the Evangelical Prison Chaplaincy, the Evangelical Chaplaincy of the Polish Scout Association, as well as in correspondence and internet chaplaincy.

Pastoral care is also provided for the hearing-impaired, people living with other disabilities, and those at risk of social exclusion.

Each local pastor visits his or her parishioners in hospitals, care centers, and nursing homes, in which they are supported by members of diaconal groups and volunteers.