Centre for Mission and Evangelization

Mission and evangelism work is an important aspect of the life of the Polish Lutheran church. For more than 25 years, ECACP’s Center for Mission and Evangelism has operated throughout Poland through local communities, reaching out to various age groups and communities. It has been active in social service work (people living on the streets, psychological and pastoral counselling), supporting other people in need (e.g. the “Christmas Present” campaign), and through culture and media. Its activities are largely based on volunteer work.

The Centre for Mission and Evangelization was set up to stimulate spiritual growth. To this end, the centre develops and implements a number of projects aimed at improving standards of life. The centre is an official public benefit organization.

The centre operates in a number of areas: evangelism (including the Polish edition of the ProChrist campaign, as well as evangelization campaigns in Dzięgielów, Zelów and Mrągowo); education (courses on leadership, child & youth ministry, pastoral counselling, supervision and Bible school). Apart from that, CME is active in such fields as social aid (streetworking, psychological and pastoral counselling), charity, culture and the media.

The motto ‘People are God’s method’ has been accompanying CME since the very beginning. As a certified Volunteer Friendly Organization, the centre cooperates with around 390 volunteers, and its actions reach over 33,000 people every year. Please visit www.cme.org.pl to learn more.

Centre for Mission and Evangelization
ul. Misyjna 8
43-445 Dzięgielów