Prayer for Austria

We want to pray for Austria Dear God. We thank You for the Christians in Austria for their long-standing roots of Christianity which are similar in all countries of the old continent. We thank You for the freedom to live their faith and the freedom to look to Your Word. Thank you God that Your Word, Your promise is the foundation and source of our faith of this our old continent. God today we draw water of life from various sources. Just as Iazaak was able to draw water from the well of Esek – “strife, contention”, from the well of Sitna – “strife, hatred”, or Rechowot – “breadth, space.”

God from what source do we draw and what kind of people we are, do we create strife, bickering, misunderstandings and constantly recollect the strife of the past, reproach what was and feed our surroundings with this, or do we draw from the source that gives us life space, breathing width and openness.

You Jesus said I am Life, I am the Water of Life. Holy Spirit You are the breath of breath and space. Austria and in it the Christian church has its breath and its space to which it invites neighboring countries to create a dialogue, a conversation that can straighten out a quarrel, a short circuit or a misunderstanding. We come to You God to the source of Width, Space and ask You to bless the work of Christians in Austria. Amen