MOSTY Group Continues to Aid Ukraine

Video Report from the Seventh Trip.

The MOSTY Group embarked once again with material aid for children and their families in Ukraine. The trip took place on February 24, 2024. Items were collected from various locations in Wrocław and its vicinity. It was also revealed that further collections would take place, and a portion would be delivered to Brody and nearby villages at a later time.

During the journey towards the border, the group listened to news regarding the second commemoration of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and farmer strikes. There were concerns that this might hinder the transportation to those in need. Despite the apprehension and tense atmosphere, crossing the border went smoothly, and accommodation was provided in Rivne.

The following day, the group continued their journey, reaching Krasnokutsk, where aid was delivered to two foster homes. The next stop was the center of Kharkiv, where Ms. Elena from the Kharkiv Social Center awaited the group. During the journey to Kharkiv, group members also delivered a parcel from a family residing in Poland to a resident of Solonotsivka.

Despite the tense situation in Ukraine, the group managed to reach their destination safely. Upon returning to Zmiiv, they bid farewell to the individuals who hosted them and began their journey back. Tension and concern accompanied them throughout the entire journey, but they achieved their goal.

The group would like to express their gratitude to all donors who supported their mission, especially the ETZ CHAIM High School in Wrocław, the Foundation for International Education FEM in Wrocław, and Initiative Christen für Europa in Dresden.

This marks the seventh expedition of the MOSTY group with aid. They believe that their activities are significant, especially in current times, and encourage everyone to continue supporting and working alongside them.

Text prepared based on the account of Mikołaj Stadtműller

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