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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, millions of refugees have left the country to seek safety and support in neighbouring countries. Poland hosts the highest number of refugees with more than 1.5 million people registered (UNHCR data portal, December 2022).

Figure 1: 17 October 2022, Bytom, Poland: A woman marks on a map what part of Ukraine she comes from. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

To respond to the crisis, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), in close collaboration with its member church the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland (ECACP) and its local parishes, has established a country program in Poland. The program, registered as Foundation LWF in Poland (Fundacja LWF w Polsce), has a head office in Warsaw and six community centres/field offices across the country.

Key figures:

March 2022

70 000
people supported

community centers


Since the beginning of its activities in March 2022, the program has supported around 70’000 Ukrainian refugees. Various activities are available for Ukrainian refugees and people living in Poland in the centres:

Protection and integration activities

The LWF Foundation in Poland offers access to Mental Health and Psychosocial support and legal services. People coming to the centres can also participate in sports activities (yoga, bachata), creative activities (cooking classes, floral arrangement classes) and receive educational support (tutoring in math and Polish). The elderly people are linked and supported to join elderly clubs in their localities. LWF Foundation in Poland also provides medical assistance through the distribution of orthopaedic shoes, rehabilitation chairs and other medical equipment to children living with disabilities, as well as medical vouchers. 

Food and basic products distributions

Refugees receive food (canned pasta, marmalade, cereals, coffee and chocolate) hygiene and baby care products (shampoo, toothpaste, diapers) female hygiene supplies, and cleaning detergent and toilet paper. The Distribution points are located in Cieszyn, Krakow, and the LWF’s community centres in Ostroda and Gdansk.

Cash distribution

The LWF Foundation in Poland distributed cash to 70,000 people. After registration, refugees could withdraw money from Polish banks and ATMs and spend it according to their priority needs. Registration is currently closed but will resume in the course of the year.

Reception and protection

At the beginning of the war, LWF, in collaboration with Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH), distributed food and relief goods to refugees crossing into Poland through the borders in Zosin and Dorohusk as well as displaced populations in Volodymir and Obukhiv. For a month, LWF worked to protect refugees at the Medkyka border crossing. In partnership with Humanosh Foundation, LWF conducted information campaigns for 3,500 refugees and transported over 1,100 refugees from the border to the closest reception centre.

Contact information

If you have questions about LWF Foundation in Poland’s work or want to participate in its activities, you can contact the six community centres. The staff there speak Ukrainian and Polish.

ul. Plac Marcina Lutra 3
Tel. 731 776 735

ul. Matki Ewy 1
884 720 619

Ul. Karmelicka 1
Tel. 794 324 029

ul. Partyzantow 1
Tel. 888 578 285

ul. Ks. Marcina Lutra 28
Tel. 665 251 473

Ul. Dluga 33
Tel. 691 356 977

Multipurpose Cash Assistance Enrolment Center (MPCA) started functioning in Wroclaw for refugees who have fled from Ukraine after the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. The center supports thousands of refugees in Wroclaw and neighboring areas with emergency assistance through cash for three months. Center is supported by the UNHCR with assistance from LWF and its partners.


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