Silesian Reformation Forum

The Synods of Cieszyn and Katowice Dioceses met on 6 November at the joint session in Bielsko-Biała. 
The meeting began with the service in the Saviour Church in Bielsko led by Bishop Adrian Korczago and Bishop Marian Niemiec.

After the service members of two diocesan synods met at the Silesian Reformation Forum. They had opportunity to listen to the two lectures (presented by Rev. Prof. Bogusław Milerski and Rev. Jerzy Below) and find out about various initiatives connected with the 500 years Reformation jubilee. One of them is the book about the Reformation written by Dr. Łukasz Barański and Dr. Jerzy Sojka. Presentation of the first volume of the book, along with the conversation with the authors, took place during the forum.

After the break Synods met also separately to adopt the budgets and discuss the plans for year 2017. The joint session was the last meeting of the diocesan synods of the current term.