Results of the photo competition

The commission of the photo contest „500 YEARS OF REFORMATION 2017“ (Anita Borkowska, Romuald Długosz, Patryk Karbowski, Danuta Matloch) has awarded on its meeting on 1st of march 2017 the fist prize amounting to 1,000 PLN to Karina Reske for her photography „Baptism“.

In its explanatory statement the commission marked the technical and visual aspects as well as the message of the photography. According to the commission the photography is expressive and dynamic, presenting a decisive moment, and in every part of the photography something substantial is present.

Moreover the photography has weighty content: it presents family, community, positive emotions, an evangelical churchman, a new adherent’s ingestion into the community of the church. It shows the church being alive.

The audience award received also Karina Reske for her photography „Confirmation“. The photography received the highest number of „likes“ on Instagram.

In its account the commission expressed thanks to all those who participated in the competition. In total over 200 photographies have been sent for the competition. All participants will receive a set of promotional materials for the Reformation Decade.