Prayer for South Africa

Almighty God, dear Father!
We reach out to You today together with our sisters and brothers in the Republic of South Africa. You know their history and context, You accompany them in their difficult daily life. We thank You that they are able to act in such diverse ways in proclaiming Your Word. We thank Thee that Thy Gospel reaches every person, regardless of gender, colour, background or wealth.
We ask You, Lord, for Your grace and blessing on the Lutherans in South Africa. Help them to live in unity and break down racial barriers. Transform the hearts of those who hurt and violently deprive others of their property. May the news of your boundless love bring peace between conflicting parties.
Help Lutherans in South Africa to be a credible witness in various aspects - preaching, pastoral, diaconal, educational and social. Allow them to grow more and more and to influence the reality around them. Through Jesus Christ, in the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.