Prayer for Sierra Leone

Almighty God, we thank you for your faithfulness and blessing. We are thankful that you remember all of us - the small and large. 

God, we believe that you also care about the people living in Sierra Leone - the "Lion Mountains''. Although these people in its history have experienced many burdens, including becoming a source of slaves, You remember them and lead them to Yourself.

We believe that the many hardships they experience they can bring to You and find peace in You. God, we ask you to let them know your love and to bless the missionary work of the Christians living there. We ask that you will continue to multiply the small but dynamic Lutheran community. 

Give them the strength and courage to be Your witnesses in their country. We also ask for your blessing, for the country, which is recovering from a period of internal conflicts. Give wisdom to those in power, to make decisions that serve the people.

Please, ensure security, raise the level of health care and education, care for economic development, nurture personal and religious freedom.