Prayer for Rwanda

Dear God of grace and forgiveness. It is so difficult to forget, to erase from memory the horrific images of murder, rape, violence. You alone give the strength to build on the ruins, on the graves of loved ones, to build in the hope that violence will never return.

Please give Rwanda the courage to build reconciliation despite the wounds inflicted years ago. You, who are the giver of all good gifts, who have called so many wise women and many wise men to rebuild the country and transform it into a state without discrimination, into a state of equality and mutual respect, renew the hearts of its people. Let them create a society of mutual respect and partnership.

May Your Grace pour down upon the people of Rwanda, fill them with wisdom and the ability to forgive. May Your Love be the power to build, forgive and unite.

Through Jesus Christ, our Reconciler and Saviour. Amen