Prayer for Liberia

Gracious and good Father,

We thank You for the great diversity of Your children, and for the fact that despite differences and other experiences, we can all call ourselves Your children. We ask You to bless the Liberian people, whose country is experiencing a series of internal problems: non-unified multi-ethnicity, corruption, violence, experiences of civil wars, poverty, chaos, epidemics of various diseases.

We entrust all the Christian sisters and brothers to You, and in particular the Liberian Lutherans. Allow, Father, the effective work of this church in the goals that it has established. Support the proclamation of the Gospel of Salvation about Your Son and God's kingdom.

Assist in all efforts to raise the level of education. A well-educated society can function efficiently and effectively and become a blessing to others.

We also ask that You help our Lutheran sisters and brothers in Liberia to heal what is broken and wounded - both in the medical context and in the area of bringing the mission of reconciliation between the warring parties.

Please Father, bless and strengthen all of us. In You there is hope. Through Jesus Christ - the Giver of hope. Amen.