Prayer for Indonesia

Almighty Lord! We come to you today asking for our sisters and our brothers from Indonesia. You are the God who works in every part of the world. We believe that You also accompany the members of each of the thirteen Indonesian churches, affiliated with the Lutheran World Federation.

We thank you that through our common prayer we can connect with those who are so far away from us geographically. It is good to know that they also do services every Sunday, carry out activities of evangelization, support the poor, the sick and the excluded, and help those affected by natural disasters.   
We ask you for peace, for good interreligious relations and for protection for the individual parishes. You, Lord, who are the source of grace and love, give our brothers and sisters strength to overcome daily challenges, strengthen their faith and support them in their daily decisions.

Bless the leaders, the ministers and the members of the Churches in being witnesses to Your Gospel. Please surround them in their daily lives, give them all your help and support.  Amen.