Prayer for Ethiopia


Gracious God, we come to you today, to ask for your blessings to Lutherans living in Ethiopia.

We give thanks for this young but numerous and thriving Church, for the fact that it has been given the opportunity to endure an uneasy time of persecution. You have endowed its faithful with patience and perseverance and its leaders with wisdom and reason and we are thankful for that.

Today, in this troubled world, give them peace and assure them about Your presence and protection.

Bless those who care everyday for the body and for the spirit of others. Bless preachers and missionaries, but also those who work within this Church as doctors and nurses, teachers and social workers.

We are grateful to You for all that this Church has brought and continues to contribute to the development of Ethiopia, serving not only its faithful, but all others who seek help.

Grant that this Church may continue to develop and grow, and that it may always be a place to meet and dwell with You.

Hear us and bless our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.