Prayer for Central African Republic

Gracious God, merciful Father. You call your believers from all over the world to go and proclaim the Gospel. Today we ask you especially for our brothers and sisters in faith, who live in the Central African Republic.
Lord, strengthen their faith everyday and raise their hopes associated with You. Surround them with Your love and blessings, so that they can always stay safe. Jesus Christ, our Savior, guide us so that our testimony of faith and help, will give our sisters and brothers a feeling of community, mutual concern and responsibility for the household of our faith.

Let salvation, which we access by your grace, motivate us to mutual deeds of love. Holy Spirit, multiply Your gifts with which You bestow on the Lutherans in the Central African Republic.

Let God’s name be blessed by them and let the Gospel gain more people who will entrust their lives into God's hands. Amen