Polish carol in the LWF advent calendar

The carol "Mizerna Cicha" was performed by "Concordia" choir.

Lyrics of Mizerna, Cicha a Polish carol written by Teofil Lenartowicz, first published in 1849. The music was written by Jan Gall, „Concordia” choir’s version was arranged by Konrad Orawski.
1. Meager and quiet, miserable stable,
full of heavenly glory.
Here lies the sleeping little Lord Jesus
in the streaming rays before us.
2. Up above Him angels were hovering,
bent down they are kneeling,
their hair of gold, and wings of white,
beneath the painted rainbow.
3. Joy to the world, over us the Lord
sheds the morning glow.
The abyss is ended, the devil has fallen,
the Lord of lords 's descending.

The "Concordia” choir, gathers members from Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches. The ecumenical Choir led by Magdalena Szymańska is the inheritor of the Evangelical-Ausgsburg’s parish choir in Zgierz formed in 1948.

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