Night with Luther

Night with Luther has been organized by the Centre for Mission and Evangelization (CME). Young people filled the church with singing, prayers, Gospel and spiritual energy.
The theme was presented by Rev. Wojciech Pracki who talked about it how to get along with other people, how to talk to each other and understand each other. He pointed that also Martin Luther had his own method of communication. He starred people in the face, talked to them and tried to find the words that can help mutual understanding.
During the meeting participants were encouraged to do their own translation of the biblical passage from the Gospel of John 6:20. After working in groups they could listen to the short speech of the diocesan bishop Marian Niemiec. 
During the second part of the presentation Rev. Pracki spoke about virtual reality and the new ways we should speak of God. Youth was encouraged to use the available technological innovations and even got homework: everyone had to do selfie in the church. Sometimes you do not need words to be a witness.