New website

The portal was created in place of, which promoted the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The end of the anniversary marks the end of the portal in its current form. Hence the idea of a new journalistic, educational and informational portal, which will complement the official website of the Church.

The aim of is to promote an evangelical view of the world and the Church, taking into account the diversity of opinions characteristic of the Lutheran Church. The goal is to be achieved through journalistic and popular-science texts, webinars, educational films, thematic (special) editions devoted to religious and social issues.

The portal will also contain information about the life of Lutheran churches in the world and their ecumenical activities. The website will document the achievements of the initiative, some of the texts contained therein have already been transferred to the new website and extended (e.g. theological section, interviews). is not only a place for evangelical Christians of various denominations, but also for all other Christians, as well as sympathizers and people interested in Protestantism. Over time, the website will expand.