May Easter help us remember

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead 2 Tm 2, 8
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ, 
Human memory can be fallible. As time goes by, some images from the past may become increasingly vague. Concerned with our daily business, we can even forget them entirely. It seems however, that we cannot forget our faith. We can neglect it, yes, but not forget it. And is it possible for a Christian forget Christ? Is it possible to ignore the One who died, rose again and saved all people?
Apostle Paul appeals to Timothy to remember Jesus Christ. It may sound surprising, as Timothy is a believer. What could affect his memory in this way? Or maybe Paul understands that it is not enough to show that you believe, you also have to keep reminding yourself to remember the Most Important. 
Great Lent and annual preparation for Easter make us realise that even if you participate in the life of the Church, you still can forget. Not intentionally, but because the world moves so very fast, things run their course, and we have so many things on our plate. Next business, next information, next news item. Yesterday so quickly becomes the past.
Easter is there to remind us that we should learn about God’s work and His great love over and over again. So that everyone can rediscover how Christ died and rose for us.
This is Easter, our Lord has risen, let us bear Him in mind. Paul’s words advise us to always celebrate the Lord’s resurrection in gratitude and wonder. Let us try to discover Christ. Not just occasionally, not just because it is Easter, but first and foremost, because these events were beyond human comprehension. 
Jesus Christ is alive… Even though he died, he lives again. God is giving us a clear sign. Let us remember Christ, because resurrection is also about you and me, because salvation is about you and me. Let us remember Christ! He laid down his life to show that we can look further.
Dear Sisters and Brothers, may Easter help us remember about God’s love and His sacrifice. May it refresh our faith so that we can live according to the resurrection every day. May it help us learn from our Saviour, how to forgive, so that our relationships can be renewed.
Let us remember Jesus Christ every day!
Bishop Jerzy Samiec