Call for donations to help Ukraine

Sisters and brothers!

In recent days, there are many reports reaching us about the escalation of tensions and the start of military action in eastern Ukraine. Media are reporting on the death toll, the shelling of schools, kindergartens and residential buildings, the incursion of Russian troops into new areas of the country and the invasion taking place from almost every direction. We can hear moving testimonies of people who are suddenly forced to leave their homes, we can read many further shocking accounts of daily dramatic events.

Living in peace and security is the right of every human being. Therefore, we cannot remain indifferent to what affects our neighbours. As Christians, we are called to show mercy to a person in need, to take active care and concrete actions. Helping those who find themselves in a difficult situation is, in this context, a supreme value, regardless of one's origin, religion or social position. That is why we want to support those who find themselves in the middle of the conflict and are forced to make decisions that will affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Let us support them in this difficult time.

Diaconia Poland calls for donations to help Ukraine. The situation is very dynamic and the range of needs will certainly change. Help will be needed both in Ukraine and in Poland, where Ukrainian refugees will arrive. On the one hand, the most urgent needs are certainly supplying food, hygiene products, mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags and field kitchens to aid centers in Ukraine. On the other hand, every day many Ukrainians decide to leave their country and to seek shelter in Poland. Therefore, it will be important to prepare and equip places which could be used to accommodate refugees. Psychological support will also be necessary. The current situation causes health problems, affects sleep, increases stress and feelings of anxiety. What is needed is to give hope for a better tomorrow, to create a substitute for a normal life and to ensure that people are not left alone in this crisis.

Let us show solidarity with people in Ukraine, with refugees seeking a safe place for themselves and their families, with Ukrainian men and women living in Poland and being our neighbours. Financial donations to help Ukraine can be made through Lutheran parishes in Poland or individually until April 30, 2022 to the bank account of Diaconia Poland with a reference note "Ukraine":


Name of the Bank:


Account holder:


IBAN-bank account number:

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Bank PEKAO S.A., I O/Warszawa

Pl. Bankowy 2, 00-950 Warszawa

Diakonia Kościoła Ewangelicko-Augsburskiego w RP

00-246 Warszawa, ul. Miodowa 21

PL 56 1240 1037 1978 0000 0693 1401 (EUR)





Bishop Jerzy Samiec

Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Church

of the Augsburg Confession in Poland


Bishop Ryszard Bogusz


of Diaconia Poland



Warsaw, 24.02.2022