Bells for Aleppo

Around 20 parishes in Poland took part in the project “Bells for Aleppo”. Between 12th and 24th October hundreds of churches across the world were ringing funeral bells to draw attention to the suffering Syrian city of Aleppo. 
The campaign started in the parish of Kallio in Finland, it was the idea of Teemu Laajasalo, a local Lutheran vicar. The project was supported by the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches.
The Bishop of the Church Jerzy Samiec called on the Lutheran Parishes in Poland to join the campaign. In his letter he wrote that the bells are symbol of mourning because every day in Aleppo and in many Syrian cities people are dying. War takes away their families, homes, safety and life. All this takes place even if you do not notice it.
Bishop Samiec pointed that the bells can be sign of solidarity with the people of Aleppo and Syria and encouragement for peace building. The bells call governments to protect citizens and to introduce the peace.

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